The gastronomy


The gastronomy cuisine of our Farm in Ostuni in Apulia

The gastronomic Salinola favors the typical farm and seasonal produce.

The philosophy of our farm in Ostuni in Apulia is based on simplicity of ingredients, which must be fresh and first quality.

The dishes we serve on our table are delicious to the palate and are a mix between the experience of the cook and first-class products that are carefully selected and transformed into tasty dishes to serve. Our dishes change with the seasons, because all the vegetables are rich in fresh vegetables and organically grown vegetables that our offers.

Our kitchen offers mostly local dishes making the most traditional recipes handed down from generations of our places, trying to offer guests the chance to taste the taste and smells of Apulia cuisine

Apulian Olives from Our Country House

The kitchen of the farm Salinola

Our kitchen alternating different types of local dishes, prepared to enhance the flavors of our land, according to our tradition, we use hard and soft wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruits and vegetables produced by all.

Generally in the restaurant of Agriturismo Salinola you choose a menu, but we offer a tasting of samples consisting of different entrees first and second, the old country traditions, the cakes taste delicious, freshly picked fruit for guests, transform the feel at the table at a time of genuine celebration.

The fresh egg pasta, grilled vegetables, and pickles are all products of our cuisine, our imagination and the fruits of our Puglia countryside.

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