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Traditional food Ostuni - Restaurant in farm Salinola Apulia

Typical gastronomy of the Apulia region: some typical Apulian dishes to taste in the Restaurant of the Salinola Restaurant in Apulia in Ostuni under the banner of a gastronomic weekend.

The typical Apulian vegetables

The typical Apulian cuisine to be tasted in the Salinola Agriturismo Restaurant in particular the typical cuisine of Ostuni in the Apulia region is characterized mainly by the presence of vegetables that are the true foundation of the traditional diet of Salento: turnip top, green cabbage, thistle, peppers, aubergines, artichokes; all legumes, from beans to chickpeas, peas and broad beans, fresh in spring and dried during the winter season. In addition to the vegetables grown in the Agriturismo Salinola are collected many types of wild vegetables: wild chicory, dandelion (o 'nzangune), wild asparagus, wild thistles, paparins (which are the poppy plants harvested just before flowering of the plant itself), the sea bream or fennel (they are plants that grow on the rocks bathed by the sea) and the famous lampascioni (wild onions).

Vegetables from Our Agritourism Farm

typical dish

The typical dish par excellence of the rural tradition of our agriturismo in Apulia is the broad bean puree with wild chicory, sublime synthesis of vegetables and legumes produced that can be tasted in our restaurant. The vegetables and legumes that you can taste in the typical cuisine in Ostuni Apulia that is proposed in the dining room of the Agriturismo Salinola in Ostuni, are eaten mainly with bread or pasta, preferably homemade. You have, therefore, typical dishes such as Orecchiette with turnip tops and Ciceri e tria (pasta and chickpeas). Among the products of the land of our farm in Ostuni Puglia also include snails, which are eaten different varieties including the municeddhe, with a characteristic brown shell similar to the habit of the Franciscan monks.

Spaghetti with Typical Sea Urchins from Puglia

The typical fish dishes offered by the restaurant

Fish also occupies an important place in the Puglia region, especially near the coast of the Marina di Ostuni. The blue fish dominates, but there are many varieties of molluscs and crustaceans that characterize our typical cuisine proposed in the restaurant of the agriturismo Salinola in Ostuni also known as the Azienda Agrituristica Salinola da Fabio and Paola.

Among the recipes of some dishes of the typical Apulian cuisine proposed in the restaurant of the Salinola Agriturismo, we mention lu purpu alla pignata, the scapèce, of Arab derivation, the pupiddhi (or cupiddhi) fried, the tajeddha (rice, potatoes and mussels cooked in the oven ), pasta with sea urchins etc.

Meat & cheese

Considered a luxury item in the past, meat does not appear often in traditional dishes except in versions adapted from the ingeniousness of housewives forced by the need to mix it with breadcrumbs to make good meatballs, to use the meat of the now exhausted horse from the labors of the fields and the less prized cuts like lamb entrails. A classic are in fact the pieces of horse with the sauce and the Turcinieddhi (rolls made from lamb's entrails). A dish that has become very rare now is the blood sausage made with pig blood mixed with veal brains and cooked in the gut.

The meat, also given the climate of Puglia, has never been preserved and therefore scarcely used for the production of cured meats. The proteins were worthily introduced into the diet through the Masseria cheeses, a food that is so indispensable in the past as it is renowned and tasted today. They are authentic masterpieces of the Apulian dairy art, ricotta, giuncata, cacioricotta, strong ricotta, marzotica and pecorino aged in the farms in Puglia that characterize our typical cuisine.

Typical Apulian Cheeses
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