The history

Country houses in Puglia, in the upper Salento

Delving into this splendid region of Puglia in the upper Salento, a characteristic image of the Apulian countryside is that of the ancient fortified farmhouses and characteristic country houses, erected in distant times of pirate incursions.

Years ago, it was a tradition of the “Capriglia” and “Saponaro Addolorata” family, a family of farmers, to offer hospitality to people coming from the city of Ostuni to experience the special atmosphere offered by agriturismi in Puglia. Perhaps these people were seeking a bit of tranquility, or maybe they simply wanted to break away from the monotony of everyday life for a while. The fact is that in the farmhouses of these farmers and in the simple life that characterized the Salento countryside, these people probably found exactly what they were looking for.

This place, immersed in the hills of Ostuni in the upper Salento, appeared to be the ideal spot to spend pleasant days away from the city chaos: walks, bike rides, hunting activities, good food (simple dishes often prepared with products they themselves cultivated and produced in the agriturismi).

Aerial view of Agriturismo Salinola with large Garden and Swimming Pool

Salento hospitality since 1970

From this intention, in 1970 among the many agriturismi in Puglia and Salento, Azienda Agrituristica Salinola was born, a family-run business that over the last 32 years has specialized in country house and has stood out from all the other agriturismi in Ostuni, in the heart of the Puglia region.

It started with the first restorations to the old central building. The owner's house was the largest and highest building, addressing the primary needs to prepare a welcoming place that offered a diversion from the everyday life of its guests.

The peace adorned with good kitchen scents and the entertainments offered have attracted many people here who still find comfort and relaxation in nature and genuine things.

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